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Article for IIE on Virtual Worlds

I was recently invited to contribute a small piece (a magazine half-page) for the Institute for International Education.  I’ve only just sent in my draft and am awaiting editorial response.  This exercise made me re-think why I believe virtual worlds can provide a unique and unparalleled educational experience for the right content.  It also made me look hard at what has stopped virtual worlds from becoming more main stream and why the fanfare of 2007-2010 went bust.  Sad thing is, not much has changed since I was at all actively involved.

Go, Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has been all the rage.  This type of augmented reality is not new – I saw stuff like this 2 years ago.  What IS new is that this game captured an audience with a viral use-case.  This cracked the ceiling, if you ask me.  The acceptance of augmented reality will change – it’s not on the public’s radar.  Futurist saw the use a while back, and the bleeding-edge were playing with it not that long ago.  But now that Pikachu is roaming our streets, with folks chasing it around – let’s see who steps up next to try to built on this success.