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Share your screen live with Screenleap

Screenleap allows you to share your desktop with one or more people, over the Internet, in real time.  There are many applications for this in a variety of fields, but I’ll focus on education for this brief entry.

Imagine you are teaching a hybrid or online statistics class and you wanted to show your students how to do something in real time using SPSS or some other statistics program.  You could have the students visit a web site address that Screenleap provides you and anyone you give that URL to will be able to see all or part of your desktop.  All you have to do is click the big green SHARE YOUR SCREEN NOW button (seen in the image above).

The next thing you might see is a pop up letting you know that certain things might need to be configured on your computer and it provides you with the instructions on how to move forward.  Depending on how your computer is configured, you may not see the notices this pop-up refers to.  For instance, since I’d followed similar instructions in the past, and also have my computer all patched and up to date on the software versions, I did not have to follow the instructions.

The next screen you see is the important one.  You will see a small pop up with a drop down option and two buttons.  The two buttons allow you to pause or stop sharing your desktop, so you remain in control of what others see all the time.  The drop down allows you to share a portion of your screen or your entire screen.

As you can see in the picture above, I’ve chosen to share only part of the screen, which is within the green frame on the screen.  You can adjust the size of the frame height alone, by dragging on the top or bottom line, width along, by dragging on the left or right line, or equally on all sides by dragging on any corner.  This way if you don’t want your viewers to see your entire desktop, but only the part you are showing – the SPSS window in my example above, you – again – can control that.

What I’ve shown in the picture above is what you will see when you are ready to start screen sharing.  You can either give your students the URL that Screenleap provides you or you can have them enter the code provided if they go to the Screenleap web site.

This is a very simple way to share your screen with one or more.

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