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One of the most amazing things has been to see support for people’s countries come up in their updates, at least in Facebook – I don’t really regularly monitor my other social networks.  Guess that says a lot.

In thinking more about that I decided to take a closer look at Google +

Twitter I’ve little hope in.  The other day someone suggested that engagement happens around hashtags.  Of course, when I asked my network, the responses I got back were people saying they follow people and not hashtags.  Of course they do, which is why they saw my post.  If they followed hashtags, and I didn’t tag it, they wouldn’t have seen it.  I started my own hashtag, #helpaj, but most of the people who replied neglected to use it and so I found myself retweeting things.  Perhaps I’ll next look at the hashtags I see other individuals use, but first I decided it would be easier to start with Google +

I took all of those who I had in various circles and put them in one circle I called “Never Posted”.  I then went through the “Never Posted” circle and put people into one of three folders: Recent 6Mos,  6 to 1, and 1 Plus.  Let’s see if this works better, because it was not effective at all before.

It’ll also make it easier for me to decide what to post to Google + and to which folders.

Just FYI – of the 180 I have in circles, 104 are in Recent 6Mos, 36 are in Never Posted, 31 are in 6 to 1, and 7 are in 1 Plus.


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