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Writing Apps and Styli

Back on June 14th I posted the following question to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

“A colleague is using Penultimate (iPad handwriting app), anyone else have suggestions?  How about stylus suggestions?”

This blog posting has a dual purpose, first to continue my ongoing war with social media and two to compare different writing apps for the iPad and styli so I can decided which to get.

By way of refresher, even though it appears in the last post, here are my stats with the social media in question.

  • Google+ - I have 181 unique profiles in 13 circles and 244 people have me in their circles.
  • Facebook – I have 283 friends.
  • Twitter – I follow 525 and am followed by 974.

Of all of my recent postings, this one got the best response and across a broad spectrum, so lets look at both the number (first) and then the details.

  • Two (2) people responded on Google+, representing 0.8% of those who have me in their circles (although I made the post public as well)
  • Three (3) people responded on Facebook, representing 1.1% of my Friends list
  • Three (3) people responded on Twitter, representing 0.3% of those who follow me

Once again, Facebook had the best response rate (and most in-depth conversation), followed by Google+, with Twitter bringing up the rear, again.  The interesting news in this is that there were even any response from Twitter, which is a change.

Now, to the content, and I’ll not differentiate where it came from.

Three people mentioned PenUltimate.  One said s/he used it along with Evernote, the other two said they used others but had tried it out.

Two recommended Noteshelf, both very highly.  One of whom said he also liked Notability because you could add audio but it was Noteshelf’s organization he liked.

One recommended NotesPlus but said he also liked Noteablity and PenUltimate.

As for styli (I supposed I could write styluses, which some dictionaries list as acceptable, but the correct form is styli) – Bamboo got two recommendations.

Ayl Slim got one (its slimmer than all others), Boxwave got one (a glowing one in fact), and Motive Stylus got one, but it came from the vendor via Twitter, so, I’ll have to take that one with a grain of salt.

I decided to look online for comparisons.  I’m certain Mashable has done something (in fact, they’d not – at least not that I can find easily).  I’m sure there are others, also.  As I don’t want this to turn into a lit review, I’m just going to post some links here, you’re welcome to read them if you want.  I don’t vouch for any of them and, in fact, I’ve not read them prior to posting this.  I just did a Google Search and added the ones I thought, at quick glance, looked useful.

Once I’ve decided which one I’m going with, in each category, I’ll report back.

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