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Latest in AJ’s War on Social Media

I’ve had this ongoing war with social networks, and you can read about it here, here, here, and here.

The latest update is as follows.  At 18:53 Eastern Time on Wednesday, July 18th, I posted the following message

“Is the Roku the best devices of its type or is there something else to consider?”

to Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and LinkedIN.

Since was taken over by Seesmic, I’ve not made the switch.  I can still post via Ping from my iPhone but from work I use a service that sends stuff to Facebook and Twitter when I post to Google+.  If I wanted to add any more networks, I’d need the paid service.  So I decided to post the above directly to each service.  I also wanted to eliminate the opportunity for something not to get posted or posted properly.

The goal is to see if and how many responses come to/from each and what the quality is of each response.

  • To Google + I posted it to all of my circles, my extended circles, and the public.  I have 181 unique profiles in 13 circles and 244 people have me in their circles.
  • To Facebook I posted as a status update, which means only those I’ve “friended” will see it.  I current have 283 friends.
  • I posted it to Twitter via Hootsuite.  I follow 525 and am followed by 974.
  • LinkedIn, which is a newcomer to the “war”, was posted as a status update.  I’ve not included LinkedIn in the past because I was reaching it via, and figured if I didn’t get an email I didn’t get any responses.  I have 236 connections on LinkedIn.

It’s been over two days and I had five responses from Facebook, or 1.8%.  There were no responses from Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn.

Earlier today I posted a question about a Keurig Coffee Maker.  This time I only posted it to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.  Since its not a question about my profession, I didn’t post to LinkedIn.

“Is Keurig really THAT much better than some of the other single-cup pod-using brewers?”

No responses from Twitter, which has become the norm.  Someone on Google+ posted that they thought it was a good question and looked forward to the responses, but no others came.  Facebook was a different story.

So far, and the conversation is still going on, 7 people have responded, or 2.5%, but it generated 25 comments.  More than half of the people posting were involved in an entire conversation, not just responding to me but responding to each other (and they don’t even know each other!)  Links to comparison web sites were shared and there was a immersive feel to the whole thing.  It felt most like we were having the kind of conversation we might have if we were in person.  THAT is something that no other social network has been able to duplicate and until they do, Facebook will still be king.

I’m told by an “industry” colleague that I need to be the one setting the pace, I need to be the leader, that if I move, others will follow.  And to that, I call bullshit.  I’m posting to Google+, the next closest competitor, and there is NO conversastion going on there.  And its not like I don’t have a lot of people in my “circles” or I’m in a lot of circles.  In fact, according to my numbers above, I have a broader “eyeball” reach on Google+, even broader still on Twitter.  But its just not happening there for me.

I’ve had not one but two people tell me that it must be me with regard to Twitter, that they have “conversations” all the time, with many folks in a broad community.  And they do.  I’ve seen it.  And I don’t know why it doesn’t happen for me, but it doesn’t. To me, Twitter is a giant echo chamber, and people are just shouting into it to hear their own voice, or to hear the voice of others, but not so much to engage with them.  It is much more voyeuristic.

Back in June, on the 14th, I posted something to all three but never wrote about it.  I am gathering information about writing apps and styluses (or styli, to be completely accurate) for the iPad.  It does tie to this, because there are stats on response rate, but I’ll save that for another post, which I’m going to write up now under a separate posting.

  • Iggy says:

    AJ, I’m narcissistic. I get back to folks on e-lists and in blog comments as I’m doing here, but all of the social media are me me. When I get around to it with social media, which is becoming less frequent.

    Now for the important stuff: coffee. I’m a coffee snob. The Keurig is an excellent machine. We have one at the office, but I dislike the waste of plastic in making the cups. It’s not sustainable.

    I use the office Keurig because it’s there. At home I either perk my coffee or use the same Melita #2 that I’ve had since 1983. I expect it to last until I die in 30+ years, and all the unbleached filters and coffee grounds go into the compost heap. The filter box goes into the recycling. Not “cradle to cradle” sustainability but it’s not bad.

    See my series on “Tech Perfected and Abandoned” at my blog. The coffee-maker wars of escalation provide a prime example of environmental waste, feature-creep, and planned obsolescence.

    My percolator is 20+ years old. Oh, and granddad’s Turkish Coffee pot is about 100 years old and works wonders. That’s the best coffee of all.

    July 24, 2012 at 2:42 am

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