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On February 22nd the ADP Center and the Emerging & Instructional Technology unit co-sponsored a roundtable discussion called “Apple’s iBooks and iTunes: It’s Complicated!”.

The meeting was a great success and the UStream recording can be found here.

As promised during the meeting, here is the information about the community that the ADP Center was gracious enough to create and host for us.  In fact, Gregg Festa has already posted a very interesting info graphic.

I hope you’ll all consider signing up and contributing.  I also hope you’ll consider forwarding the information below to your colleagues so we can create a vibrate and engaged community around these issues.

To join the group, go to and join the site.  Membership is moderated (to help avoid sp*mmers), but once you get the notice that its been approved, go to GROUPS and click on iBOOKS/iTUNES PILOT PROJECT and click JOIN in the upper right-hand corner.

Anyone can follow the discussion but you need to join the site and the group to participate.

You’ll also notice a Twitter feed there which is based on the hashtag #msuibooks.  If you’re on Twitter, make sure to add your Twitter name to the Comment Board.  When you post to Twitter, about the topic, make sure to include #msuibooks in your tweet.

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