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Social Media Experiment – 2 days of observation

At 4:25pm on Saturday I posted about a change I’m making in my approach to the use of Facebook.  For all the details, click here.

I currently have 249 friends. I added three today, more on that in a moment.  So that means I had 246 at the time I made the original posting.  Since that time:

  • 8 responded to the original post - 25% only left a comment, 38% only “liked” it, and 25% both liked and commented on it (so, overall 63% “liked” it and 50% commented on it).  One only sent me a direct message.  The 8 responses represent a 3.3% response rate.
  • 14 have responded to something else that I’ve posted since then, but did not respond to the post mentioned above.  That’s 5.7%
  • The combination of the two represent a current response rate, over the last 50 hours, of 8.9% (the difference is accounted for due to my calculator rounding up lol).
Something just dawned on me.  Is what I am doing “research”?  My results are being published – here, in my blog.  I’m posting a link to these blog entries to my social networks.  Its not juried or reviewed, but it IS open for a type of review (read: comments).  Its not “scholarly”, exactly, but it is a type of scholarship, I guess.  Would (should) I have to go to everyone on my Friends list and “inform” them that they are each “subjects” in my  ”research”.  Do I, at the least, need to post something to my wall that says I’m doing this.  I’m not planning to publish this in an academic journal.  I’m writing this entry, and have posted publicly about it in the past.  Does that qualify as notification?  Where are these lines?
Anyway, in keeping the experiment moving forward I’ve decided to open up my rather closed mentality of my “friends” list.  I’ll still apply the “standards” to the noobs, interaction or – pow – you’re off the island!.  :-)  LOL  But if I want interaction to be the core value of my Facebook social footprint, why not expand the “hive”? Facebook has been the most productive for input, why not grow it instead of restricting it?
Yes, I have a problem with Facebook’s approach to our privacy.  I could be wrong, but the image in my mind is that they do the very minimum they think they can get away with for the least amount of “damage”.  Yes, minimize risk and maximize return is a good thing, when you are investing one’s money, and I assure you a ton of money is changing hands on this information nearly-all-you-can-eat buffet.  But at what point does a corporation, or an individual, become responsible for acting publicly responsible? Profit is important, but there are some important non-tangible things that portions of the corporate world have not embraced due to its greed.
But I digress…

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