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Destroying our rights to our private information

In a recent Tweet  I wrote “Set up a wiki for posting information about Facebook & how they are destroying our rights to our private information.”

Marc Parry, from The Chronicle of Higher Education, responded with “marcparry @sorry_afk “Destroying our rights to our private information” Bit extreme? Nobody forces you to have a Facebook account.”

My response couldn’t be boiled down to 140 characters  :-)  or even a couple of sets of 140 characters!  LOL  So I’m responding here in my blog and will post this link to Twitter.  I encourage others to continue the conversation in the COMMENTS section.

Marc, I don’t think its extreme at all.  What I think is extreme is the management of Facebook’s cavalier attitude toward our personal data.  When I first came into Facebook I was promised a level of  expected privacy.  Slowly that has been eroded until now, I have no control over it.  And I don’t even have the option to opt out, they say they are keeping everything, AND can still publish it, after I’m gone. AND, they’ve gone out-of-the-way to make it as difficult and confusing as possible to opt out of even portions of this.

Chris Hoadley sums it up really well here:

I suggest people start paying attention to what is going on here.  If this type of privacy invasion is left to be set as a standard, big brother will all to soon REALLY be watching, as will the entire Internet.

  • ajblogsat says:

    When Marc posted his inquiry I replied “@marcparry Marc – I’m going to respond to you in my blog, 140 characters is just not enough, sometimes.”.

    While I was writing the above blog, Marc responded in Twitter

    @sorry_afk OK. I’m not trying to defend Facebook. The changes frustrate me, too. I’m just wondering if we can really talk abt “rights” there

    I think we DO have rights to our own data. Thats OUR data, nobody has the right to sell it, not least of all without asking us or giving us a choice. No, Facebook, it is NOT okay to sell my personal data. I have the right to say that and to know that this is not the case.

    Here are two of the biggest objections.

    1) Facebook can (does) make private data about me, that I uploaded with the understanding that only a limited pool of people would see, public to the entier Internet – even though I don’t want you to.

    2) Facebook can not only keep my data that I’ve deleted once I’ve also deleted my account with them but they can publish (and sell) that information.

    May 15, 2010 at 9:31 am

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