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5 Minutes with Me – SPECIAL EDITION – Facebook, continued

I’m doing this special edition of 5 Minutes with Me in my work/professional blog, as opposed to my personal blog (which you can find in the right hand navigation bar below) because this has as much to do with my professional life as personal, and also my studies I guess.

I’m on a Facebook boycott.  I’ve not deleted my account yet, because I want to see how Facebook responds to this latest outcry.  So far, I’ve not seen that they’ve cared very much.  Perhaps I’m wrong.  But I’ve started out by not signing into Facebook all the time, as I was before.  I always had it open and running in the background.  Now, with this new invasion of our privacy, if I do that, they can get their grubby little hooks into ANY OTHER WEB PAGE I VISIT IN THAT BROWSER WHEN I HAVE BOTH OPEN.  Yes, you read that right – and in all caps.

I’ve also decided that if I DO need to go into Facebook, I’ll do so in a different browser and have nothing else open.

I may leave my account open without really adding anything because I may want to get in touch with the hundreds of people in my networks to be able to tell them where they can find me.  Eventually, something new will come up and start to take away the user base, it’s already happening.

As I said, Facebook clearly made a guess that those who were left would still earn them enough money to offset those who leave, including the cost of the bad press.  Lets hope that’s not true because they have just drawn a line in the sand that others will start to cross if we let Facebook get away with it.

I plan to start a wiki that will be open to the public to edit, where people can find important links about what is going on with Facebook and our privacy but also where people can post links to things for others to find.  Anyone will be able to post as well.

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