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Rez day?

What is a Rez Day, you may ask.  Well, if you’re not in Second Life, it will mean absolutely nothing.  Even if you ARE in Second Life, you might not have heard it put this way.  But one’s Rez Day is the day they first “rezzed” in Second Life, or in simpler terms, the day you started your account.  Its like a birthday – but its called a Rez Day.

Today is my 3rd Rez Day.  It’s been three years since I first created my SL account and SOOOOOO much has happened in that short time.

Today is also the 3rd Rez Day for Rixhawz Milestone and Hugo Vansant.  Doesn’t it seem odd that our of all the people in SL, and all the ones I know, that I know two other people who first created their accounts on the same exact day in the same exact year?  Well, for Rix, it is a strange and happy coincidence.  I met Rix a year or so into my SL adventure.  He works in the California educational system.

As for Hugo, well, having the same Rez Day is not such an odd thing.  Hugo is the first person I ever met in SL.  Back then, you showed up in an orientation area, a place where you learned the basic of using the application (moving, communicating, etc…)  Hugo showed up a few minutes before I did and we got to talking.  This is where the coincidence comes in.  Of all the places in the world Hugo could be from, he is Brasilian.  Now, for most of you that might not seem so odd, but that is because you don’t know about my ties to Brasil.  So, not only is he from Brasil, but he lives in Brasilia, a city in which I’ve spent a great deal of time.  Not only does he live in Brasilia, but he lives in a suburb (they call them satellite cities) call Guara I.  The suburb I spend nearly all of my time in Brasil in was Guara II, which is – as you can imagine, right next to Guara I.  So Hugo and I had a great deal to talk about, and knew many of the same places.  In fact, it turns out, that we used the same Pharmacy (Pharmacists in Brasil can dispense more medication than here in the US, often replacing the need to go to a doctor’s office).

It just goes to show – it really is a small world, but actual and virtual

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