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Google Forms glitch

I’m having a problem with Google Forms, there seems to be a glitch and I’m trying to find out if there is a way around this.

I’m working with an amazing colleague who is teaching a class using a particular peripheral item. We’ve create an assessment in Google Forms and provided it to all the students in two of her classes.

In order to test to be sure the form was working properly, and also that it could be accessed via a mobile device, two “test” entries were done. There were on lines 1 and 2. I deleted lines 1 and 2 but the number of responses in “SHOW SUMMARY OF RESPONSES” under FORMS in the Excel sheet Google Forms creates and feeds data into is still showing the original number of entries (which is the total number of students who took the survey plus 2, the 2 test entries).

The data generate in SHOW SUMMARY OF RESPONSES is really handy, and now its inaccurate (by two entries). Is there a way to update the data that feeds into SHOW SUMMERY OF RESPONSES to reflect the number of rows actually in the current spreadsheet.

I already tried to copy the spreadsheet but the SHOW SUMMARY OF RESPONSES indicates that no entries have been made. My guess is that the SHOW SUMMARY is tied to the entries as they come in and now what is in the spreadsheet.

I also checked the HELP section in Google Docs and did find responses in the forum, but most did not address my issue and the one that did I couldn’t follow what the submitter was saying.

If anyone has info on how to do this, please let me know here (so others can know as well).

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  • cmduke says:

    I’ve experienced the same issue. The specifics elude my memory at the moment, but in short, you’re suspicion is somewhat correct – the summary reflects responses that have come in and not what is currently on the spreadsheet. The two data sets are kept separately.

    The only way around it, that I’m aware of, is to create a copy of the old form – the new copy will have it’s own queued responses.


    September 26, 2009 at 1:36 am

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