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How do you manage your Twitter stream?

A short while back I found I had some trouble seeing Tweets from people I wanted to follow regularly (hourly or daily) because they were getting caught up in with the Tweets from people and organizations I was interested in, but might want to read at my convenience.

I asked others how many was too many and those who responded all agreed that the number was about 200. I went through and unfollowed some I was following who were not following back. I also went through and unfollowed some who were putting out content that just wasn’t resonating for me.

As time has progressed I find myself getting follow notices from a lot of people and I feel bad not following them back. I feel as if I have become a Twitter snob and, to me, this in some ways defeats the purpose.

So I talked to some folks who have a LOT more followers than I do – thousands – and I asked how they do it. Nearly all said they do miss Tweets from time to time. Nearly all said that they focus on the @ replies because they know that if someone REALLY wants to get their attention, they will @ them. All said they use an application to help.

Having asked around a wide group of people, TweetDeck seems to be the app of choice. I was just about ready to committee to TweetDeck hook, line, and sinker, until I wanted to have the same set up in my office as I have at home. I didn’t want to have to go through and set everything up from scratch in both places but there was no clear way I saw to do it.

So, what did I do, I popped a note out onto asking how to do it and in a matter of minutes I got a response. For those of you interested, the details are here

Note some important information in the first comment about how to find the file on a PC. It was fairly intuitive on the Mac. Also as an FYI – my home computer is a Mac and the computer I’m using at work at the moment is a PC.

So, instead of just dismissing all the people who followed me since I cut my followers down to under 200, I saved the email notifications in a file and I now plan to go back and see who is still following me and I will follow them back. I say I’m going to go back and see who is still following me because I learned this neat trick some people use to get their Follower count up. Step 1, follow someone (an act that generates an email to that person that says you are following them. Step 2, hope that person sees said email and follows you back. Step 3, wait a few days or a week and then unfollow that person, which that person would never know about because no notice is sent for an unfollow.

Even with TweetDeck, though, I’ll still have to figure out how to deal with all the many posts that come in and how to process them. So I ask you, how to YOU deal with it? Post your response in comments below.

  • sava says:

    ha. I don’t think of myself as a twitter snob for not following people back. often the people are random marketing types or the religious fanatic (if I happen to use the words ‘religion’, ‘spirituality’, or ‘god’ in a post) and I just ignore those. some seem to be weird soft-porn sites which I block.
    um… I mainly look at my @messages (I use twhirl) and DMs and do a quick scroll to see if any of the people I’m really interested in are saying anything interesting. I use visual cues – their photo – to scan the list. or, if I want to see a specific person, I just find their stream and read it.
    I’ve been thinking of ‘sorting’ my twitter stream to get what I really want to see, but so far, this works for me, so eh.
    hope this answers your question!

    May 27, 2009 at 1:22 am

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