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First Post – Wheeeeeeee!

I am considering a move of my professional blog to WordPress.  I use WP for my personal blog and I think I like it better than blogger, which was the first blog I had and the one I use for “work”.

In that tradition, it seems only fitting that I document my initial into the world of Wii.

Yes, thats right, I finally broke down and got myself the Wii, and Wii Fit.  I’ve looked around in the past and never found the Wii available.  So when I saw both available in my mom’s Shoprite, I jumped on it.

I’ve concluded that I can no longer ignore the console and game environments, areas with important contributions to facets of engaged learning.

So, I’m dragging my laptop into the bedroom and get this done.

I’m in the bedroom.  ;-)

Nicely organized, almost “Mac-like” packaging.

OK – the first big decision, do I leave the plastic grippy cover on the wiimote or do I take it off?

Seriously, the set up so far has been pretty seamless – plug this in there, plug that is here, even a caveman could do it.  opps.

Ok, I’m a bit pissed, but at myself – I can’t remember my access point password and I can’t find the book, on which I wrote the code.  Grrrr.  Well, I’ll figure it out later.

Oh, btw – it did take me a bit to figure out the hand on the screen thing.  I kept trying to do it using the buttons on the wiimote.  Eventually I figured it out.  I might have RTFM, but that is way too easy.

I played my first game of bowling.  I’ll not tell you what I scored, but I will say I bowl slightly better in real life.  This too shall change.

Now, time to set up the Wii Fit.

The set up instructions in the manual skip one crucial step in the set up process, and that is to tell you you have to start the Fit program, not just insert the disk.  It took a few extra minutes, but my balance board is now synched.  Onward ho!

I’m pretty impressed with the Wii Fit so far.  I did the standard tests and it told me I’m obese but have the body of someone 12 years younger then me.  Ok, not sure if I put any stock in that.  in fact, one of the things I’ve read in several blogs is that the BMI and body age info should be overlooked.

So, you may be asking, what has this to do with education.  Well, at this moment, not a whole heck of a lot.  I mean, i did education myself tonight, but thats not relevant to my job.  Or is it?

The technology used is pretty cool.  I can stand on a board that wirelessly transmits data to a main unit.  Is there any reason that this can’t be used in a classroom setting?  No, not really.  I used a remote to make pretty much everything happen.  My hand motions were very accurately tracked and impacted the outcome.  Does THIS perhaps any value in a higher education classroom environment?  I think so.

We’ll see, but in the meantime I’m gong to keep poking around with this.

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