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Considering Enterprise Version of CoveritLive

Recently the folks at CoveritLive (CiL) have announced an enterprise version of their product. Those who follow my blog know that I have used CiL in the past to blog events, such as presentations, etc… The enterprise version of CiL is free for education and so the CHSS is considering what options might be available to us in this regard and if this is an opportunity we want to consider.

This afternoon at 2:30pm EST I will be doing a run through of both the back end and front end of CiL with our CHSS Director of Technology Services, Milos Topic.

So come back to this blog at 2:30pm and just type a comment in the appropriate field below. You won’t see it now, but around 2:30pm when I “open” the event, then you will see a field for visitors to comment in.

[UPDATE: Unlike Blogger, which allows iFrames, WordPress (.com, at least, not sure about .org) does not. So, unlike Blogger where the CoverItive session would appear right here inside the blog, you need to click the link above and it will open a separate window.]

  • ajblogsat says:

    On February 20, 2009 at 3:57 PM AJ said…

    Rachel from CoveitLive was kind enough to response to some of the questions that were posed during the liveblog session.

    AJ: Can the look be customized. In other words, could we perhaps have the moderator’s comments in red (always) and everyone else’s in grey?

    RACHEL: Not in the plans right now, but will add this as a user suggestion for the development team.

    AJ: Is there a way to gather statistics from this? When viewers click in or from where? How long they stay on? etc…

    RACHEL: Yes… Access your blog in the Completed list (My Account / My Live Blogs) and click on the little statistics link, it looks like a chart. These statistics will be enhanced soon. You can also see how many unique readers have joined your event “on the fly” under Tools / Show reader Stats.

    AJ: The width of the insert in my blog is problematic. I know that it can be changed for each instance, but is there a way to change it permanently – so each person posting on an enterprise version would not need to change it?

    RACHEL: You can create a template for your own account, but currently you can’t share/copy your template over to other CiL users. (Even within the Enterprise account… which combines multiple CiL users.)

    AJ: Is there a date set yet for when Enterprise clients will be able to have control over the names – creation, etc….

    RACHEL: We expect to roll this out in early-ish March. Until then, if you want to add users just let me know and I’ll do it for you.

    GUEST: can authentication be rolled into it, if you don’t want it to be necessarily public

    RACHEL: You can make your event private by posting to a location that you only share with those you want to attend. You can also choose to set up that location to require readers to sign in/register to access the page.

    GUEST: live chat/Q+A w/this so it’s great that you’re testing it :-)

    RACHEL: Check out this demo –
    specific to Q&A sessions!

    AJ: someone on Twitter asked me – is this free Enterprise version going to remain that way or is there a plan to roll out a priced plan in the future?

    RACHEL: On pricing for Enterprise, it’s free to everyone right now (educational users and otherwise). Sometime in 2Q 2009 we’ll roll out a pricing structure for non-educational users only.

    September 23, 2009 at 3:13 pm

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