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Machinima for my presentation.

The following are machinima clips I’ll be using in my upcoming presentation for ELI on Learning Spaces.

Rezzing a Clever Zebra Build (using the building assistant), rezzing something from inventory, and using a sky platform.
Rezzing a Clever Zebra Build

A clip from a YouTube Video from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Hotel and Tourism Management, demonstrating how quickly and easily a ballroom can be set up/changed.
Hong Kong Polytechnic

Biome, an underwater learning area

The Tsunami exhibit on Meteroa, NOAA’s first sim

Virtual Hallucination (warning, some foul language is used in this exhibit – not work or child safe)
Virtual Hallucination

[UPDATE: once again, unlike Blogger, WordPress (.com, at least, not sure about .org) does not like something in the code that Screencasts provided that allows clips to show up right in the blog. So, you need to click the link above and it will open a separate window.]

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