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Need folks for a group photo

Recently the Montclair State CHSS Second Life effort added the Montclair State Library to our island. This followed a number of meetings between me and some of the folks at the Sprague Library. One of our librarians, Kathy Hughes, has taken this effort very seriously and worked hard to get the ball rolling on this project.

The building is up and “stuff” is being added over time. Aside from being a resource to all those who visit our island, the folks in our real life library have committed to putting content into the SL version of our library that will be of benefit to classes taking place in SL. An example of this exists right now, for my writing class (ENWR 105:18).

One of the Dean’s in the library is doing a presentation and would like a photo. We could take a picture of the library as is, but we thought it might be better to have lots-o-folks enjoying the environment when the picture was taken. :-)

Earlier today I send an email to the SLED and EDUCAUSE Virtual Worlds CG lists, as well as all of the groups I belong to that allow notices, and I even dropped a notecard to everyone I have a calling card (in SL) for (which numbered over 200!). I also plan to send IMs to my groups and those who are online a few minutes before the meeting. It will be interesting to see how many people we can get to show up. I currently have the max threshold on the region set to 40 – I may up that to 70, or maybe even 100! (Has anyone out there ever done that before, and if so, what was the result?) Thank goodness for the CEHS Island, I’m going to build a bridge way over the water so we can accommodate overflow if necessary.

Anyway, if you have 15-20 minutes to be in an in-world snapshot, please visit the CHSS Island tomorrow, Tuesday, April 8th, at 11:30am SLT (or 2:30pm EDT)


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