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Web 2.0 App – Wetpaint

Today I’m looking at an application called Wetpaint. It can be found at, you guessed it, The first thing I noticed is that the home page is clean, uncluttered, and airy looking – not all full of stuff – that usually bodes well for a product, but not always.

According to their “more info” link, “Wetpaint powers wikis, but unlike most wikis, Wetpaint wikis are as simple as 1-2-3 so anyone can start a free wiki that they can share with friends.” So Wetpaint is basically a wiki site, which they claim is “100% free, Simple to start, Easy to build, and Fun to share.” Lets find out.

As I scroll down, they have tabbed areas for different content – which is good. They have What’s Hot, Entertainment, Gaming, Education, and “more wikis”. Another good sign, they have education mentioned. Ok – lets give it a go.

There are, of course, many decisions to be made while setting up. I’ve chosen my usual name, Sorry AFK, listed it as an education site, and allowed it to be open to the public to see.

My big decision is – do I only allow people I invite to be able to edit, allow anyone who joins my wiki, or just allow anyone. There are certainly benefits to each, and the good thing is that someone setting it up can make that choice based on their own need (only want students/committee members, etc… to be able to edit). I’m choosing to leave it open to anyone (even anonymous). This concludes the first step.

The second step, which they call “the fun part”, is about choosing one’s image/appearance. This is where you get to choose the template that you want to represent your desired look. Can this be changed later? Yes it can – and says so right at the top of the page. You can also, at this point (or some time later) change your display name. That completes the second step.

The third step is where they get all your information, where you actually set up your account with Wetpaint. After entering all the required info they give you the chance to “invite some friends”. I am going to skip this step for now. If you look to the bottom the BIG button says, “invite now” but next to that, in smaller letters, it says you can skip this step and move on. There are two reasons I’m skipping this for now. First, I don’t like spamming my friends and colleagues with emails and second I don’t have a designated group to invite. If I were teaching using this, this is where I’d invite the students.

And there we go – in less than 15 minutes, I have a wiki site. It would probably take much less than that since you won’t be writing notes for a blog at the same time. :- )

Please go to and leave a message for me and we’ll all see how it goes with WetPaint. I can tell you that my initial, very brief, experience, is that WetPaint is clearer and seemingly easier to use then Wikispaces. In the next day or so I hope to spend a bit more time poking around.

Do you have any experience using WetPaint? If so, share those here in comments.

ammendments and updates – SLSC Project

The Second Life Student Center project is off and running. Two operational notes. First, I accidentally listed three avatars twice, do I took them off and adjusted the number. I can’t do that with the notecards that have already gone out but I will update the notecard giver.

Second, I dropped a copy of the notecard to everyone who was actually at the meeting. So, if you were at the meeting and did not get the notecard in world, please IM AJ Brooks in world and I’ll drop you another one.

Must see video

Many thanks for Dr. Jack Baldwin-LeClair for sending me the link to this video.

“Neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor had an opportunity few brain scientists would wish for: One morning, she realized she was having a massive stroke. As it happened — as she felt her brain functions slip away one by one, speech, movement, understanding — she studied and remembered every moment. This is a powerful story about how our brains define us and connect us to the world and to one another.”

Worth every second of the 18+ minutes – an incredible journey through a horrific experience of an amazing woman.

Second Life Student Center 3/25/08 Meeting Chat Transcript

3/28/08 UPDATE: Here is a link to the wikipage I set up for this project:

Warning – this posting is very long!

On March 25th there was an organizational meeting for the Second Life Student Center to be located on the NMC Orientation Island. This is the full chat transcript. The meeting was an hour long, with some exceptional input, so this posting is going to be very long (sorry about that in advance).

Please feel free to post here any comments you might have on anything that was discussed, or any other ideas.

Attendees (29 total)
AJ Brooks, KJ Hax, Laura Maitland, Donna Paike, Daughss Decosta, Jonathon Dunn, Susan Thibedeau, Emmadw Rickenbacker, Robin Mochi, Edyc Holgado, AllThat Iwish, Stargazer Blazer, Scarlett Sismondi, Alice Burgess, Corwin Carillon, JeanClaude Vollmar, Lima Habilis, Oggie Ballinger, CDB Barkley, Silver Tomorrow, Heidi TeeCee, Movies1963 Beck, Zana Kohime, TerriBerry Wrigglesworth, patrick23 Seomun, Sloan Skjellerup, Dayna Wycliffe, Kavon Zenovka, Latha Serevi

AJ Brooks: wow – hi everyone
Susan Thibedeau: hi
Jonathon Dunn: hello
Emmadw Rickenbacker: Yes, we all ended up near a dragon
Robin Mochi: hello
AJ Brooks: lol
KJ Hax: AJ are we meeting here?
AJ Brooks: yes – we’re meeting right here
KJ Hax: otay
AJ Brooks: grab a seat if you wish, hopefully others will join us, although this looks like a great group so far. Wow – some nice familiar faces and some new ones as well. Excellent. Thanks, everyone, for coming, this is all very exciting. Not that long ago, in a general discussion, the talk turned to a centralized student center. I like the idea and ran with it. The others said – if you have the energy, go right ahead. :-) So here I am. lol My thinking is students need a reason to come here other than to do school work. If students see what we see they are more likely to come back and not think of SL in teh same terms they think of, say BlackBoard. Before we get into the meat of things, why don’t each of us type out who we are and what we do. No need to wait, since we can all check history, everyone go ahead at once.
Oggie Ballinger: I’m in Student Affairs at the University of Louisville, os of course I love this concept.
Alice Burgess: I’m a university librarian, and also work with Eye4You on the teen grid (Libby Beam)
Robin Mochi: Reference & Distance Services Librarian at small private liberal arts university
AJ Brooks: I’m AJ Kelton, and I’m the Director of Technology Service for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Montclair State University in New Jersey
Lima Habilis: I teach cultural anthropology and Spanish online and in hybrid form…I use SL for virtual fieldwork and communication tasks for my students. I have ahouse I build here in SL for a student lounge.
Laura Maitland: i work at the uni of brighton but am also an undergrad student
KJ Hax: K-4 Technology Facilitator & Part-Time Faculty at Walden University, Grad School of Ed (MSEdtech)
Jonathon Dunn: I’m a Technology Director at the University of Pennsylvania
Stargazer Blazer: I’m an instructional designer at Miami University in Ohio.
CDB Barkley: I’m with NMC, and have terrible lag, but am egaer to help set up this project
Daughss Decosta: Robert Walker- Music instructor in Kansas – I run our only second life classes. Labette Community College
Susan Thibedeau: Technology Consultant – East Carolina University
Lima Habilis: Central Texas College Professor…a worldwide community college
JeanClaude Vollmar: VP for IT at University of Northwestern Ohio – 4 year
Emmadw Rickenbacker: Emma Duke-Williams – lecturer in School of ComputUniversity of Portsmouth (UK) – lecturer in Computing & interested in how computers can be used to support learners – both formally & informally; not just SL – wed2.0 etc., etc., etc,
AllThat Iwish: I am Anu Ra and I’m an undergrad student at Empire State college. I’m studying immersive Education in Virtual Worlds
Scarlett Sismondi: i help faculty with technology at east carolina university
AJ Brooks: Ok – great -did we get everyone? Excellent. My plan is to post the meat of todays meeting into a new blog on this topic. We’re all here because we have some interest in this project, but, at this point, nobody is really sure what this is going to look like. There were some WONDERFUL suggestions in the blog and hopefully those can be realized over time. Do we have any students here
AllThat Iwish: me
Laura Maitland: yup student
Silver Tomorrow: student
CDB Barkley: Yay
Emmadw Rickenbacker: That’s good!
AJ Brooks: excellent!
Stargazer Blazer: We are all students :)
AJ Brooks: well – yes, that is true is a very large sense, but I’m talking more literal.
CDB Barkley: “enrolled” students?
AJ Brooks: :-)
CDB Barkley: paying?
AJ Brooks: so – what would it take to get students in SL to hang out someplace?
Silver Tomorrow: grad student
Stargazer Blazer: something to do,
Donna Paike: fun and social
AJ Brooks: ok, something to do
Daughss Decosta: Music and free stuff
Emmadw Rickenbacker: people to meet.
AJ Brooks: fun and social, good
Donna Paike: a place to hang
AJ Brooks: freebies :-)
Laura Maitland: place to hang out and more visual than msn
AJ Brooks: people to meet – thats a catch 22, huh?
Donna Paike: yes
Stargazer Blazer: A place to meet others, in a virtual space.
AJ Brooks: you need peopel to come her to attrackt more peopelto come here
AllThat Iwish: fun interactive projects
AJ Brooks: so – lets break some of these down: things to do, what kinds of things?
Robin Mochi: something unique
AllThat Iwish: tht encourage social interaction
Donna Paike: board games, mini-golf a place to create
AJ Brooks: encourage social interaction, ok – all good suggestions
Donna Paike: “coffe shop” atmosphere, live music
Laura Maitland: building and scripting bringing imagination to sl
AJ Brooks: Oh, before we go further, I’d like to thank CDB and Larry, they have been VERY gratious to offer this parcel for the project
CDB Barkley: You are most welcome
AJ Brooks: The original thought was that the orientation is right next door, just up that hill on both sides
CDB Barkley: We know its a small space, but its a starrt
AJ Brooks: and peopel are coming here anyway, yes – I was just going to get to that. CDB and I had a sidebar about this
CDB Barkley: Our builders can rehape this
AJ Brooks: and how it would be better to start this smaller and then work it up as folks took to it. It might look bad for all if we had a huge space and nobody doing anythign in it
AllThat Iwish: perhaps building instructions for a giant cjessboard that students can play
AJ Brooks: so – even if there are a few people
CDB Barkley: (I would start by shutting the volume on the waterfall)
AllThat Iwish: *chessboard
AJ Brooks: a lot of open space can look disappointing
AllThat Iwish: a movie theatre
AJ Brooks: so – CDB, would it be possible to define some kind of scope for us?
Emmadw Rickenbacker: Virtual Twister (do you ahve that game in the US?) might be more fun than Chess – really get people going!
AllThat Iwish: comedynight
CDB Barkley: Well, I would go about this a bit differently
AllThat Iwish: educational challenges
CDB Barkley: These are great ideas, and neat thing. But building a place does not make it vital
AllThat Iwish: such as a project in instructional design
CDB Barkley: You want to create a reason for people to come here
AJ Brooks nods
AllThat Iwish: a instructional design contest
Emmadw Rickenbacker: agree… reason.
Lima Habilis: I would suggest a teleport posterboard that would take students to places congruent to their course interests
AJ Brooks: although I think some of the suggestions are reasons; gamescomedy nights, events
TerriBerry Wrigglesworth: I like the posterboard idea
Alice Burgess: AJ, you mentioned a blog, is that up already?
Donna Paike: to learn and as a jumping off point–to places of interest, free clothes
AJ Brooks: well – that was my blog
Alice Burgess: ah, OK
Emmadw Rickenbacker: I’d go for more of a social interaction – more like a Student Union (assuming they’re the same in US as they are in UK)
Robin Mochi: Should the reason to come be social, academic or both?
Laura Maitland: up
AJ Brooks: yes – the thought i more of a student union
Donna Paike: I think they are pretty much the same
AJ Brooks: we call them student centers at some places, I’d say social
Corwin Carillon: you need to get students to decide this … not us
TerriBerry Wrigglesworth: I think both social and academc
Lima Habilis: me too
Laura Maitland: id say both
Lima Habilis: most of sl is social
AJ Brooks: think like a student, would you want to do school work or learn in your free time
TerriBerry Wrigglesworth: We lean as human through interaction with others – for the most part
Silver Tomorrow: i vote for both
AJ Brooks: if that goes on, great, if we can construct it to happen as an aside, better
TerriBerry Wrigglesworth: I am a student at a college
AJ Brooks: i think, ultimately, corwin is right
Lima Habilis: some students feel that they don’t “have time” to hang out and would like to get through their work quickly
TerriBerry Wrigglesworth: My professor sent me the link for this meeting
AJ Brooks: the student will dicatte what goes on here
Corwin Carillon: put a call out on SLED for people to see if they can get their students here for a meetup and get them to decide this
CDB Barkley: TerriBerry, do you spend extra time in SL?
AJ Brooks: I tried that, Corwin
Corwin Carillon: great Terri!
CDB Barkley: beyond school work?
TerriBerry Wrigglesworth: Yes
AllThat Iwish: i tink some students will want learning activitie while others will want social
Corwin Carillon: tried it where AJ? on SLED?
Emmadw Rickenbacker: From talking to my students, they seem to have spent more time socialising than learnieing…
AJ Brooks: yes
TerriBerry Wrigglesworth: I spend quite a bit of time helping other sudents in my class with SL and with our learning Models
AJ Brooks: with my announcement, asked folks to send their students
TerriBerry Wrigglesworth: True Emma
AllThat Iwish: I think the learning activities are an excellent oppurtunity to capture innovative collaborations
AJ Brooks: with so many disciplines in SL
Donna Paike: I think there should be a little of everything, live music, some kind of quest or games that go on, mini-tutorials
Emmadw Rickenbacker: AJ – not sure about you, but all of our students are on their easter holiday … and we didn’t get the time of the meeting until yesterday, which was a public holiday…
AJ Brooks: how would we have learning going on here – at least discipline specific
Lima Habilis: notecards with landmarks
TerriBerry Wrigglesworth: My professor has two models on Teaching 4 that we use to practice accounting
AJ Brooks: Larry brought up one good idea
Emmadw Rickenbacker: SL Specific? Something that’s not covered in the Orientation?
AJ Brooks: have a “mentor” board
Oggie Ballinger: May I suggest that those in academia speak to their local Student Affairs forlks about what a Student Union needs. They study that stuff. :-)
AJ Brooks: where someone could click on a mnentor who is online and it would “ring them up”
TerriBerry Wrigglesworth: We also have a meeting area with a chalkboard for study groups
CDB Barkley: AJ: we are setting that up here in NMC Orientation for SL mentors
Stargazer Blazer: That would go for anyone, AJ, not just studetns, right?
CDB Barkley: so we could do that for the student center as well
AJ Brooks: no – not exactly, Larry mentioned that for the Orientation Aarea, but then he and I talked about doing somehting simliar for a more social aspect here
CDB Barkley: yes
Donna Paike: You could have the mentors also conduct virtual tours of sl like a “campus tour”
AJ Brooks: well – you don’t want to put too much work load on the mentors
CDB Barkley: Student mentor other students
AJ Brooks: there are certainly many possiblities
Silver Tomorrow: LM box for self tours?
Donna Paike: they can be scheduled
AJ Brooks: yes, to both
CDB Barkley: music performances?
TerriBerry Wrigglesworth: That wuld be a good dea.. students helping others
Laura Maitland: that and im not sure the students would go for that idea – i myself would rather explore as i learn more that way
AJ Brooks: these are GREAT ideas
Corwin Carillon: TerriBerry, what are your thoughts for a student area ?
AJ Brooks DJs
Donna Paike: I meant for touring to sl destinations
TerriBerry Wrigglesworth: would
Stargazer Blazer: Are we trying to bring rl roles to sl? I mean, here we are all “residents”, student and teacher are relative terms.
Emmadw Rickenbacker: I like the idea of a studygroup area … also how about a collaborative notice board for discovering of new destinations – like the touring, but would enalbe anyone who found a few site to share.
Alice Burgess: Students like to take ownership of a place. If they could build, move stuff around, that would be good
Silver Tomorrow: could have different LM boxes for different interests; role playing, education, etc
Donna Paike: the biggest question I hear is, okay, I’m in now what do I do
Alice Burgess: esp if they are new, they may not have land
AJ Brooks: CDB, what about the prospect of studnets having some control over the area
Lima Habilis: I like the LM boxes
TerriBerry Wrigglesworth: I can say thin our class it is about 50 50 on wanting explore by oneself or have someone show yu around
Stargazer Blazer: Yes, finding new places, that’s great!
CDB Barkley: Control in ternsm of being a manager?
AJ Brooks: not sure what I mean
Lima Habilis: my survey indicates that the students need 3 weeks about 4-5 real hours before feeling comfortable
CDB Barkley: as is people can rez here
Alice Burgess: or just group-owned objects
AJ Brooks: a few folks have said that students like to have control over their surroundsing
TerriBerry Wrigglesworth: I spend time showing people “free” places to get itemms, how to fly, etc.
Emmadw Rickenbacker: Alice: would that be space to build, or just to experiment in a sand box; I could see if everyone could build, it could be very difficult to get agreement on prim cnouts…
Corwin Carillon: you can set up any control you want through grouping
Silver Tomorrow: thinking aloud here – different parcels for different groups
patrick23 Seomun: students could explore after they learn the basics of SL
Donna Paike: that also allows grievers to place things here
Alice Burgess: yes, but if it is managed by group membership may be possible
Corwin Carillon: and roles in groups
TerriBerry Wrigglesworth: I would like to see a scirpting lesson or two and maybe a practice place
Donna Paike: true, good point
Alice Burgess: it is something students appreciate on Eye4You – being about to build
Heidi TeeCee: maybe we can find a couple of students from different universities that are interested in the project what might serve as an “advisory board”
Silver Tomorrow: i like that idea heidi
CDB Barkley: We have a wide open sandbox elsewhere
Laura Maitland: i dont mind volunteering for that
CDB Barkley: just a tp away (when it work)
Corwin Carillon: sounds like a good idea heidi
Stargazer Blazer: There are sandboxes all over sl.
Alice Burgess: yes, but things disappear in a sandbox
AJ Brooks: so – perhaps a tp to the other areas that have things
Emmadw Rickenbacker: Heidi – yes – I think that it’s important to ensure that they have some from several countries – pref inc non Engliash speaksing ones.
AllThat Iwish: I’de be interested too
Heidi TeeCee: sure! We are just guessing here what students might want …
CDB Barkley: Yes Heiidi
Lima Habilis: students want what will help them succeed in their classes
TerriBerry Wrigglesworth: I would be willing to volunteer
Silver Tomorrow: me too
AJ Brooks: here is my thought on Learning going on here – I thin learning happens in many way – BUT, and this is a big BUT – students don’t want to come splace to learn for fun – most of them – they want to do social things, like those things mentioned. If they learn to script, its because they are intested in scripting
Corwin Carillon: great Terri!
Heidi TeeCee: I think I could find one student from our university also
Corwin Carillon: and Silver too! :)
AJ Brooks: so I think the learning on this area shoudl be social, even if that social is designed with learning on the side, just my two linden
Oggie Ballinger: Social does not preclude learning.
patrick23 Seomun: maybe we could administer a survey about SL in a few different universities
AJ Brooks: agreed
TerriBerry Wrigglesworth: See now I am a student and I come to SL for music, learning, and socializin. A survey would begreat
Heidi TeeCee: I’m not sure students want to come to a student center for learning
AJ Brooks: i’m not saying learning should be precluded, what I’m saying is, if we think in tearms of rl
Heidi TeeCee: unless it is for learning to build or learning to do something fun
AJ Brooks: I don’t think students go to the SC to learn, they go to socialize, eat, go to the bookstore, etc… sometimes to DO learn
Silver Tomorrow: tshirt building lesson or contest- activities that bring ppl here and get them to work together
AJ Brooks: and some learning oppoertunites can exist
Laura Maitland: i like that idea silver
AJ Brooks: yes, SIlve,r that kind of learning. learning because tehy WANT to and not for “school”
Corwin Carillon: agere Silver re activities that are fun … you need events to bring people in
AJ Brooks: and fun things to do, like those drums
Emmadw Rickenbacker: As an undergrad, I never went to the Student Union to learn … by the time I was a Masters student, though, I realised that it was possible to drink beer & discuss work!
Silver Tomorrow: dance parties
AJ Brooks: has anyone ver played those elven drums
Donna Paike: I think Crowin is right, you definetly need events yes
AJ Brooks: I didn on Svarga – great fun!
Stargazer Blazer: So, really we are talking about hosting Events, and creating opportunities for students to come together.
TerriBerry Wrigglesworth: I think weneed a balance of both. Maybe tutors – or is that what you meean by mentors
AJ Brooks: as long as it was with others
Daughss Decosta: Yes, I love them
Lima Habilis: I am at a community college….which in many ways is like distance education…and my adult learners don’t hang out after hours unless required. There are many fun things in SL already…finding them might be hard for the students.
AJ Brooks: SL is event driven
CDB Barkley: What about some topical timely discussions? social issues?
AJ Brooks: I think we’re probably not going to get too many of the non-traditional learner
Silver Tomorrow: using the group feature to help build the community
AJ Brooks: again, much like RL student Unions/Cetners
Donna Paike: that’s why you need a guide or minimally links to fun areas
Heidi TeeCee: our Greek Life is interested in using Second Life for holding different events – or participating in different events like “Relay for Life”
Stargazer Blazer: Why do you think that, AJ?
AJ Brooks: our too, Heidi
Lima Habilis: I think of a student center as a “safe place” for students to meet and get resources for academics as well as for socialization
AJ Brooks: i think Non traditional learns have so much going on in their real lives that they don’t have to omuch time to socialize in SL. again, much like the RL Student Unions/Centers
Corwin Carillon: you need students to drive and run this though … their ownership not ours … it may or may not be RL student union like
AJ Brooks: Yes, Lima – agreed
Emmadw Rickenbacker: Timely discussions – good idea, though picking something of interest to many with all the different nationalities could be challenging – definitely need to get a range of students to get the ideas together!
AJ Brooks: true, corwin
Silver Tomorrow: i’m a nontraditional student and i have made some great professional contact socializing in SL
AJ Brooks: we need students
TerriBerry Wrigglesworth: I am a non traditional student
Heidi TeeCee: I think grad students will have different needs than undergrads
Silver Tomorrow: i like the discussions too
Daughss Decosta: I agree with Lima, I want a place where my students can gather and learn about SL topics in a safe place
AJ Brooks: Certainly there are exceptions, Silver, and I don’t mean to invalidate your experience in any way
Silver Tomorrow: i know:) just sayin
Stargazer Blazer: Our GLBT student group wants to have a kiosk to get the word out about their organization.
Donna Paike: I think you build it first and then adapt as you find students who are willing to take on the different aspects of the build to make it theirs
AllThat Iwish: I agree Heidi
AJ Brooks: But I do think you are one of those rare and valuabale exceptions
TerriBerry Wrigglesworth: 40, married, 2 kids – but I try to find time to socialize with the traditional students and kind of help them with study groups, etc.
Lima Habilis: I suggest a general goal for the space
Stargazer Blazer: Traditional students have facebook.
AJ Brooks: ok
Lima Habilis: and details can be tried and tested and changed
AJ Brooks: comparing SL to facebook! They are very different. Facebhook and SL serve different needs
CDB Barkley pokes AJ
TerriBerry Wrigglesworth: I think adapting as you go is great
Heidi TeeCee: I think facebook and SL can have different purposes
Stargazer Blazer: Right, and different audiences.
Lima Habilis: ha SL is deeper and much more profound
AJ Brooks: lol
patrick23 Seomun: facebook is one way to get the word out about SL
Lima Habilis: yes
AJ Brooks: AJ pokes CDB back
Daughss Decosta: What we need is a group, to organize a few activities and events and them share that information and see what works.
Silver Tomorrow: true patrick, and SL Link in Facebook could be a tool
AJ Brooks: yes – that is true
patrick23 Seomun: each university can add a group to the network
AJ Brooks: ok
Laura Maitland: such as cityware
Stargazer Blazer: I’m not comparing SL to facebook, I’m saying that traditional students are on facebook, that is their sodical network.
AJ Brooks: if I can try and wrangle this meeting back in for a sceond, lets do this
TerriBerry Wrigglesworth: But lets face it students are different- some socialize too much and some stdy alot… and then there are those in between
Lima Habilis: (I have a link in my facebook that pokes fun at UT Austin’s SL place)
Daughss Decosta: Go AJ
AJ Brooks: Lima brings up a good point, a common idea or goal for this space. one sentence
Corwin Carillon: me chuckles about Lima’s point
AJ Brooks lets try to group write this – for a few mintues only, so we dont’ get bogged down, The SL Student Center is……
TerriBerry Wrigglesworth: A student Union that unites students around the world through socializing and learning.
Donna Paike: yeah, I was just writing about the same thing
Corwin Carillon: .. run by students for students
Stargazer Blazer: a place to meet other students in SL.
Laura Maitland: a place where students can learn and socialise in a safe environment run by students for students
Lima Habilis: provides students valuable resources for learning and exchanging ideas in fun ways
Jonathon Dunn: a place for students to experience a virtual world, to interact in both a social and academic setting without geographic boundaries.
Alice Burgess: (was this group going to look specificially at teens who have been on TSL? Or have we evolved past that?)
AJ Brooks: Ok – so far we have, the SLSC is a student organized place where students can socialize in a safe environment?
TerriBerry Wrigglesworth: I don’t know if I would say run by students – makes me think Chaos
patrick23 Seomun: Is student union the right word? Is it going to be a inter-university group?
Donna Paike: me too
AJ Brooks: not run – organized
AllThat Iwish: The SL Student Center is a place where students can find resources, intellectual stimulation, and a great social activities
Lima Habilis: virtual student center
JeanClaude Vollmar: …where noobies can be helped and made comfortable about their use of SL
Laura Maitland: well maybe not run by studetns ut students get to make choices
CDB Barkley: studentplex
Donna Paike: please add the comment about without georgraphical…
Corwin Carillon: if it becomes chaos either some people will step up or not Terri
AJ Brooks not just for noobs though, or teens just coming in
Donna Paike: without geographic boundaries.
AJ Brooks: this should be for ALL students
TerriBerry Wrigglesworth: I like virtual student center
Heidi TeeCee: Well, all student groups here on campus have an “advisor” … maybe we can have the same thing here
Lima Habilis: We can have any notecards translated
patrick23 Seomun: Maybe just SL Student Center
Emmadw Rickenbacker: agree to the “organise” rather than run, also agree to the point that it should be for all students.
TerriBerry Wrigglesworth: But once it becomes Chaos will you lose those students
AJ Brooks: ok – so – here is where I think we are
Heidi TeeCee: Students should run it however, I think an “advisor” is needed
TerriBerry Wrigglesworth: like me who find it “useless” because of the chaos
Corwin Carillon: maybe terri but you need to give over that control
AJ Brooks: we are looking for a one sentence descriptoin of the goal for the parcel
TerriBerry Wrigglesworth: I think Oraganize it is a better word
Corwin Carillon: if it dies, it dies ..
AJ Brooks: and to make sure it is event driven with great resrouces for students
patrick23 Seomun: i think there should be some supervision for the beginning, until it is running smoothly
Lima Habilis: faculty, staff and student SL Union
Corwin Carillon: supervision! ack
Emmadw Rickenbacker: Terri, you have to make sure you’re on the organising committee… so that you can control the “chaos”
AJ Brooks: the goal is to make it a place for students
TerriBerry Wrigglesworth: I am a student not an advisor so I don’t have the control…lol
AJ Brooks: faculty and staff have their own places to go. :-)
Corwin Carillon: support on hand if needed maybe
Lima Habilis: ok
Laura Maitland: definately
CDB Barkley: we can peek over the hill
Corwin Carillon: lol
patrick23 Seomun: lol
Heidi TeeCee: an advisor doen’t have “control” necessarily
AJ Brooks: i would LOVE to play an active role – with the students
Donna Paike: well, I think there should at least a code of conduct
AJ Brooks: I think the “student advisor” idea is perfect
TerriBerry Wrigglesworth: I think that faculty should come see what is going on…. that way you know what your students are lotting… I mean doing
Daughss Decosta: Code is a good idea
patrick23 Seomun: I would as well
TerriBerry Wrigglesworth: lol
Silver Tomorrow: in my student organizations, it is run by students with one or two faculty advisors, yes? I like that approach myself.
Heidi TeeCee: I look at an advisor as a mentor and someone that can help
AJ Brooks: let the students drvie any codes
Heidi TeeCee: and advise
AJ Brooks: theyu’lll reject them if they seem decreed
TerriBerry Wrigglesworth: plotting
Silver Tomorrow: my = most
AJ Brooks: agreed, Silver
CDB Barkley: It;s pretty easy to over-plan this from the start- again, lets start with a simple physical design, develop a few special and regular events, and give it some time
AJ Brooks: i was JUST going to say that
TerriBerry Wrigglesworth: Ok so how will the student body be organized
Daughss Decosta: It is fine for the students to develop the cosde of conduct, but it should be one of thier first activities
AJ Brooks: thanks, I don’t think we’re going to have peopel rushing in here
Stargazer Blazer: code of conduct? Isn’t that outlined in the ToS?
AJ Brooks: and then wanting to run the place
Donna Paike: good point, but who inforces it
Lima Habilis: have them join a group…and have their charter there and vote after it is established for semester terms?
Donna Paike: enforces
AJ Brooks: the advisors do
Corwin Carillon: CDB I think even that is too much … right now I think it is about getting a core of students in who would like this and they decide what they want and people here could be called on for support / advice as needed
AJ Brooks: and the nmentors are there to help when asked, there needs to be some kind of steering committee
Emmadw Rickenbacker: Yep; to the staff visiAre your students all on leave at present? OUrs are; so if you’re wnating an initial meeting, they won’t be round for at least a week;
AJ Brooks I think there need to be events
Emmadw Rickenbacker: Lima … you mentioned “semesters”. Whose?
Stargazer Blazer: Estate managers can enforce the ToS.
Corwin Carillon: Terri and Silver have already offered .. need a few more
Heidi TeeCee: Well, one of the tasks of this group of students and advisors might be to hold one event
Laura Maitland: with studetns envolved in the steering group
Lima Habilis: terms will do
TerriBerry Wrigglesworth: I agree about the comittee idea
Heidi TeeCee: and see what happens
Stargazer Blazer: Dance party, 500L prize for best school spirit. hehe
AJ Brooks: after yyou are done typing – if everyone can hold off for one sec I’d appreacite it
Silver Tomorrow: so, a group, with the students who agree to be on the committee playing major roles in the group?
Emmadw Rickenbacker: Lima – I meant the dates … different countries have differnt calendar pattens. For example, the Austrlaians are working all through August – when we brits are on leave.
AJ Brooks: ok, of the folks who are here right now who is volunteering to work on a set up committee
CDB Barkley: If it were me… I’d maybe take a route of creating some mystery and buzz, not just go out and say “Come to this Great Student Center”, but drop some clues, make it more game-like,
Daughss Decosta: I would love to be a faculty member on the steering committee
AJ Brooks: I am volunteering as well
Lima Habilis: Emmadw – then just by months then.
Heidi TeeCee: CDB ,…. yes, something engaging and fun … a mystery game would be great!!!
Silver Tomorrow: buzz buzz buzz me too
Laura Maitland: i will as an undergrad student
TerriBerry Wrigglesworth: I would love to help out… I think this is a good idea
patrick23 Seomun: I will volunteer
AJ Brooks: silver, was that ME TOO to my request or somethign else
Corwin Carillon: doa whodunnit night
Heidi TeeCee: I’ll help if you need … I know I can find a student though
Emmadw Rickenbacker: Yes, I’ll volunteer – unless that makes too many staff on it…
Silver Tomorrow: your request to volunteer
AJ Brooks: Donna Paike: AJ, please take my school name out of the post. Thank you–Donna. The more the merrier right now. We’ll get the staff and faculty who are volunteering to get students
Lima Habilis: I will send students your way…np
AJ Brooks: great
TerriBerry Wrigglesworth: I can talk withmy professor and I am sure he will let me do some type of informational presentation on our island
Emmadw Rickenbacker: I’ll try – particularly with our online CHinese students.
AJ Brooks: we shoudl probably do that via a group, but I’ll chat with Larry and CDB about that
Heidi TeeCee: I’ll get the word out to all our students in Second Life also
Silver Tomorrow: I need to take off, I like the buzz Idea – maybe on the SLED list somehow. Let me know what you need :)
AJ Brooks: ok – so, as we start to wrap up todays meeting – let me start by thanking all of you
CDB Barkley: should have a blog/wiki or some web reference for project
AJ Brooks: this was perfect, just perfect
Heidi TeeCee: yes CDB .. we need to have some space for reference/working
AJ Brooks: I think the best way to proceed is this
Emmadw Rickenbacker: Wiki … more updateably & easier to have multiple ownership I think.
AJ Brooks: I’ll post it to my blog. I’ll go through end make the text chat presentable and send notes out to all the lists and groups also to those who were here today additional comments can go there for now until we get some thign else set up we’ll call a meeting of all those who volunteered and in between< i'll meet with CDB and maybe Larry and determine what to do next from the big picture end
Donna Paike: nods
patrick23 Seomun: how will you contact the volunteers?
Laura Maitland: yup
AJ Brooks: sound good so far?
Daughss Decosta: great
AllThat Iwish: sounds good to me
TerriBerry Wrigglesworth: yes
AJ Brooks I'll contact those who said they will volunteer throgh SL
patrick23 Seomun: ok
Emmadw Rickenbacker: Yes, all sounds good.
AJ Brooks: since I'll have your names in the chat
CDB Barkley: Thanks to all
AJ Brooks: now
Laura Maitland: great
AJ Brooks: with our last few minutes
Heidi TeeCee: CBD … can you also post meetings to the NMC Campus Observer like the Buzz meetings?
AJ Brooks: since NMC has generously offfered to make it look like anythign we want
CDB Barkley: I can give someoone authiring to publish to NMC
AJ Brooks: what do we think this area should look like? well – almost anything
CDB Barkley: I have way too miuch to write as is
TerriBerry Wrigglesworth: Something more modern
Heidi TeeCee: CDB …. ok … I will write something if you guys would like
AJ Brooks: I"m going to write this up for the SLED blog – CDB – you can steal it from me or there
Robin Mochi: maybe the place should be designed by the students
AJ Brooks: agreed – eventually, but to start off – we should have something here so when peopel come by, there is somethign to see
Daughss Decosta: I think a mix of realistic and surrealistic, lots of color
AJ Brooks: lots of color, yes
TerriBerry Wrigglesworth: I like that Daughss
Daughss Decosta: Some people like reality in the SL and others don't
Laura Maitland: definately color. have a mix of both then
AJ Brooks: ok
Heidi TeeCee: I would love to see the student design it … or contribute to the discussion … I have seen them come up with ideas I would never have thought of
AJ Brooks: other suggestions? Agreed, Heidi – it shoudl be a work in progress at first
patrick23 Seomun: we could have a contest for design. winner gets some lindens
Robin Mochi: A big empty room and a student contest or something to come up with the best design?
Heidi TeeCee: plus, it is a wonderful opportunity for them to establish a vested interest in the project
Daughss Decosta: I think it is a good idea to get the students involved, but it has to look good when they get here or they will not staty
TerriBerry Wrigglesworth: Yes, but I think we have to have something to attract them
Emmadw Rickenbacker: (Mix of both reality & fantasty) You mean like the drgon a lot of us found on our way to the coffee shop?
TerriBerry Wrigglesworth: lol a dragon
Daughss Decosta: Loved the dragon
Laura Maitland: well like buildings in the sky areas under the sea etc things that wouldnt be possible to do in rl
TerriBerry Wrigglesworth: Maybe like a south beach kind of feel.
Daughss Decosta: AJ, exactly how much space are we talking about?
Sloan Skjellerup: interactive toys, learn by playing familiar games
TerriBerry Wrigglesworth: colorful, yet warm and inviting
AJ Brooks: CDB?
AJ Brooks passes the buck to CDB
CDB Barkley: yes?
Emmadw Rickenbacker: agree with Laura about things that you can't do in RL.
AJ Brooks: someone asked how much space
Stargazer Blazer: The prims will be tied to the island space, it might be best to have a generic place to start and then have students make it their own,or design it.
AJ Brooks: can you define it – maybe put up some plywood to show the perimeter
CDB Barkley: Thanks Heidi- I think you have an account
Heidi TeeCee: Everyone … I have to go to another meeting … AJ, can you send me a copy of the final chat log and I will write up something for the NMC Campus Observer? yes, is that ok AJ?
AJ Brooks: will do
CDB Barkley: I'd really urge you to start small and work first on getting people involved; we can clear this area, make it simple….
Heidi TeeCee: ok … as soon as you get it to me, I will post something … I think I have some photos
Emmadw Rickenbacker: OK, useful meeting & see you again, Bye
AJ Brooks: I'll hang out for a few, if some want to stay
Heidi TeeCee: yes, I definitely agree with CDB … let's start small
Lima Habilis: :)
AJ Brooks: but I like to keep meeting to the promise amount of time thanks all for coming
Latha Serevi: I missed the meeting; AJ, would you drop me a n otecard with the chat log?
TerriBerry Wrigglesworth: I agree with starting small with a group of volunteers
AJ Brooks: will do
Daughss Decosta: I appreciate meeting coordinators who watch the clock
patrick23 Seomun: ya, if we start too fast then we are more likely to run into problems
AJ Brooks: :-)
AllThat Iwish: I gotta go too..thnx Aj..look fwd to hearing from u
Oggie Ballinger: Nice to meet you folks.
CDB Barkley: nice job
JeanClaude Vollmar: Ok then. bye everyone.
Laura Maitland: bye all
TerriBerry Wrigglesworth: Thank you AJ Brooks
patrick23 Seomun: thanks AJ Take care

Ya learn something new every day

For some time now I’ve been saying how I want to check out some of the really interesting applications that are out there. I see folks posting to listserves or blogging about things they are checking out and I never really found….er….made the time to begin digging into any of them.

Well, after some time to think over spring break, and to get a bit caught up, I decided to make it part of my mission at work to check out something new every day.

Today, I started in Ning. Ning claims that is is intended to “give everyone the opportunity to create your own social networks for anything” It took me less than 15 minutes and I’d signed up for an account, gotten through the set up, and now I have my own network.

I’m not entirely sure what to do with it yet :-) but I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

Do any of you already have an Ning network? If so, post the link here and we can link up? Interested in learning more about Ning – simple – go to


A colleague recently blogged a link to a video about the massive shift that is going on, socially and technologically. At the end of the video is calls for the viewer to get involved by reading, and hopefully participating in, this wiki.

I encourage you to watch the video and take part, in your own way, in this important and global conversation.

What do I plan to do?

Well, to start I posted this into my blog – please track back to this if you feel so inclined. Post something into your blog, bring this to your own network.

I RSSed the blog and also requested permission to join it. You can do the same!

I plan to post a link to the video for my writing class. The theme for our section this semester is social issues, so this fits right in. We start each class off with a writing exercise. They get five minutes to write, and two or three minutes to edit, a piece on a topic I announce in class. They post their work into the discussion board of our course management system (we use BlackBoard). It will be interesting to see how the react.


I am on many listserve, a few of them are big, but none of them are as big as the Second Life Education (SLED) list. As of the last report, there are nearly 5000 individual email addresses on this list.

The list is unmoderated. Not only does this mean that messages go out as they come in, meaning nobody has to “approve” them, but it also means that, for the most part, no admin is “watching” the list. Are some of the folks from Linden Labs on the list? Sure, but they are not there, apparently, to administrate the list.

Every few weeks someone realizes that the list volume is gigantic and they don’t feel like they can handle the sheer number of emails generated daily. In an effort to get off the list they send an email to the list asking to be unsubscribed.

If handled properly, this is not such a bad thing – someone writing and saying “I’m not sure how to get off this list, can someone point me in the direction?” Normally, however, it is someone just writing “unsubscribe” or “unsubscribe me”, and that’s it.

I delete these but some other folks get very upset by them. This massive list is right now going through gyrations about how to handle this problem and how these people making these requests should be shot, stabbed, drawn, quartered, burned at the stake, and then made to sit in the corner.

Do I think these folks asking to be unsubscribed are lazy? Yes, some. I mean, there are clear instructions at the very bottom of each email from the listserve telling people how to unsubscribe. I’m on a number of listserves and most of them have unsubscribed instructions at the bottom.

Do I think some of these folks requesting an unsubscribe are inconsiderate? Yes, some. Instead of figuring it out on their own, they now have to generate 5000 emails in inboxes to solve a fairly simple problem. Lets keep one thing in mind here – this is a listserve for people who are interested in using what is still a leading edge, if not bleeding edge, technology. So, the question might be, should they be allowed to do that when they can’t even figure out how to unsubscribe themselves from a listserve?

I think most of these folks are just busy. They get inundated with 50-100 emails right after signing up – freak out – and just want to get off the list. So, we have the lazy, the inconsiderate, and the desperate. Not a particularly attractive group, huh?

The fury that has surrounded these requests on the list takes up so much more effort than just hitting delete. So, if you’re on the SLED list, and you read my blog – next time someone posts an unsubscribe, or you get an auto-away message, save yourselves the time and effort and just hit delete. And then you can vent about it in your blog. LOL

If you knew Torley, like we now know Torley…

I’ve been reading Torley Linden’s blog for a while now. His videos rock, the guy is totally brilliant. Every once in a while he comes out with something that make me wince, but normally we’re spot on. Here is one of his on the fringe posts, but I have to share it. This guy cracks me up.

Guess what videoblogging on your toilet is called?


No kidding. I was in the shower, and when that happens, all sorts of ideas come to mind. When shower’s done, I scramble to my computer to write them down. Sometimes I have a voice recorder on, but with the amount of water noise and reverberance, it isn’t that clear.